DISCLOSURE OF RISK: The risk of loss in trading Forex can be substantial; therefore only genuine risk funds should be used.  Forex may not be suitable investments for all individuals, and individuals should carefully consider their financial condition in deciding whether to trade. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  The High degree of leverage that is often obtainable in Forex Trading can work against you as well as for you.  The use of leverage can lead to large losses.      01.786.361.8367  
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This module focuses on the Continued Building blocks of the Master Series Levels 1-3 and combines multiple proven strategies into one power packed program for trading. This module is designed to teach Institutional trading techniques and programs used by Institutional Traders and Dealers.

Considered by the GoForexPro members to be the most powerful of all, this module combines the Dynamic Principles of GANN, Fibonnacci, GANN Octaves, Linear Regression and our proprietary Fib Road Map strategy into the most complete and comprehensive strategy analysis program available anywhere.
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Forex Trader Internship Program

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Master Series Curriculum
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* Practical Guide to Trading the FOREX
* I'm not MADD, What is the Psychology of FOREX Trading?
* Imagine... Does discipline really trump condition?
* Why do I have to understand the Fundamentals?
* Have you seen these Intramarket relationships you should know?
* Let's make $$$, The Business of Trading - Learning your risk
* Learn how to use the Dealing Station of
* Learn how to setup and read charts
* Speed trading, High Performance, Advanced Order Entry
* Stop it: Upside down Trade Management practices - Basic
* Are you crazy? Learn how to trade without indicators?
* Videos:  17 Videos for your training success.
                  Sample Vids:
                  - Proven Breakout Strategies used by the Masters
                  - The magic of Draw-TL
                  - 3 go-to techniques for all market conditions
                  - Your Roadmap to success, Performance Strategies
                  -  The MST:  What it is, How to trade it for huge profits
                  -  Training, Training and more Training
* Forex Freak Level - Psychology of Trading: How to trade with confidence
* YES? Feeling it...Followup to Mastering Your Emotions -
TRADE With Confidence
* Bull/Bear ... Price Movement: What, Where & Why - Rules you must know
* What REALLY causes markets to move
* The hidden Support / Resistance levels used on a Professional Dealer Trade Desk
                                OF THE ENTIRE PROGRAM!

* Advance Warning ... Danger! Danger! How to Identify Trend Reversals before the crowd.
* Trader Planning ... The Trade Authority:
Creating and Executing Your Business Plan
* No!  I don't want to guess.  Congestion ( Consolidation )
              How to identify by definition, not opinion
* Make Me Stop It. Trade Management Practices - Advanced 1
Live Practice Trading (demo Session trading - 6-9-12 weeks): Beginning week 2 you should begin practice sessions and apply what you will learn throughout the entire curriculum study. REMEMBER, THIS IS A MASTER SERIES PROGRAM. This is not a weekend seminar or 1 week work shop.  There are no short cuts to learning and practice. It takes time to learn, train, practice and perfect your skills. You are about to go to war. We do not want you on the front lines until you are ready and have proven yourself in the practice war runs.

- All students receive Free email support, Skype Support, Phone Support
   We also provide, FREE, a Live Projection of Charts, Indicators and Proprietary GoFOREXPro Signals Program.
    Students are able to join other traders in the FREE Projection Room offered during the London Session and New York Session.
   During the New York Session, Live Market Analysis and Real Time Trading is performed by Master Trader Bill Young.
   Within the scope of the Market commentary, you will see, hear and experience trade comments and price analysis expectations and opportunities
   For you to:
                       - Live Shadow Trade  -
                       - Live Session Trade -
                       - Experience Live hands-on training and teaching - SEE, DO AND REPEAT.. LIVE..
                       - Participate in Live How-To Sessions..

- Review Many Hours of videos for off-hours training -
VIDS, VIDS, VIDS.. (included in the programs above).
- Receive a Course Certificate upon completion - This is the Master Series Certification
- Upon completion, Students are eligible to enroll into Teacher/moderator training program*
- Upon completion, Students are eligible to enroll in IB/Branch Office Training Program*

This is a University Style Training Curriculum. All training is performed in demo mode until Live Account authorization is provided.
Estimated self training period will vary with each individual. Estimate time periods are shown above at each module.
As an Intern Trader, you will have access to a Master Trader to assist you with training / demo trading and your questions. The mentor will continue with you right into your Live Trading.   All Mentors have completed the GoForexPro Program and have proven trading skills and knowledge. 

Since we have no control over how much time you apply to demo period training, demo period training is not counted in training period provided by Master Series Program.

GoFOREXPro, GoFX, Inc. is providing valuable information within the above offered program modules. While training support is offered via email, Skype, Slack and telephone, your study time is important to your learning. Since we cannot control the amount of time you apply to training, we can not guarantee the amount of time needed to learn any of the information offered.

From time to time, we may provide additional services such as a Live, Real Time Support Room using Skype or similar services. This additional service is not included in the program information above, and as such, is incidental to any programs offered. We make every attempt to offer a Free, Live Support Training Room, but there is no guarantee of such service to be available and if such is available, shall be subject to room rules of conduct.
* OMG... Mastering My Emotions... - TRADE LIKE A WALL STREET WARRIOR - Don't Chase
* Homework studies and assignments
* Setup your Demo Account, practice, practice, practice
* Week 1, PDF Review,
* Did I miss anything?  Awesome Knowledge Review.
** Note: Actual Video and PDF Titles are confidential and not shown. 
     The above info represents content and concepts included in the material.
UPDATE: 09-31-14:  Now included is the New and extremely profitable DO system.
Modules 1 & 2:    2-3 Weeks
Module 3:    4-6 Weeks
*  3 Advanced, High Probability Trading Strategies You must know.
* Learn Proven, High Probability Trading Strategies -
* Learn to Trade with GoFOREXPro Proprietary Resource Tools
* Advanced Trade Management Techniques
* Advanced Risk Management Techniques
* Assessment Exam included: 
$500.00+ usd value.
* Videos: 5 Powerfully Packed Sessions
** Note: Actual Video and PDF Titles are confidential and not shown. 
The above info represents content and concepts included in the material.

Included with Module 3 is the profitable ForexNow Program
* +10 Additional Incredible Video Sessions for an amazing 11+ Hours of Discovery.
   +93 pages of Workbook, Educational Learning
The Forex World Will Open Up To You and Come Alive With This Program
Module 4: Learn To Trade the Octaves   8-12 Weeks
Module 4 Curriculum: $4,995
Training Period: 8-12 weeks
* Advanced / Institutional Trade Management Techniques
* Live Training and support
     : 19+ videos, Over 9 hours of specific how to sessions, using Live Market Sessions
     : Exclusive GoFOREXPro MT4 Octaves Indicator
  * All students receive Free email support
** Note: Actual Video Titles are confidential and not shown. 
     The above info represents content and concepts included in the material.
Module 3 Curriculum: $3,795
Modules 1 & 2 Curriculum: $2,795
Additional Information

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        The Building of Global Leadership in Trading

Serving traders since 1998, GoForexPro is a world leader in creating master traders.
Our focus has been to enhance the efficiency of a trader's ability to navigate through the maze of the many different market conditions.  We do not subscribe to the industry mainstream principles which do not work, but rather seek to deliver breakthrough principles and concepts which can promote spontaneous interaction with the markets in-order to achieve higher than normal success.
The complete Master Series : $9,985.00
(discounted for single purchase option)

Original total value: Modules purchased individually : $11,585.00

Master Series members receive access to Master Series channel in our GoForexPro Team Slack Channel

Master Series members: Live group conference session training and market review each Monday and Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:00 am edt NY time.

Master Series members have access to live recorded Group session training videos.
Individual Module details below with individual module pricing if purchased separately