A measure of our excellence is the success of our members.  We commit to the highest quality in all our endeavors. The results of our members are a direct reflection of the dedication our staff has to ensuring that we exceed our customers' expections day after day.

Below are just a few of our members comments...

"Hi Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all that you did for us.  We've been able to reach our financial goals that were set when I started with you and my wife is quitting her job this month.  We plan to take our first family vacation in October.  I appreciate the mentoring much more than you'll ever know.  Thanks again." - Jeremiah Brown

"Six months ago, I was looking to get involved with forex trading for the first time.  I had no earthly idea about forex trading.  All I knew was that it was risky, but if risk could be mitigated through the judicious use of rules, discipline and technique, a new trader could be successful.

I searched far and wide in the world of forex trading programs for a service that would bring me up to speed quickly to begin earning pips.  I tried one service that was big on promises but short of results.  The good thing about that experience was that I learned about Miami Bill, GoFX and his solid reputation of results oriented trading techniques.  The trading software tools are tried and true methods with some very accurate indicators that virtually forecast market direction.

GoFX not only supplied the curriculum and techniques I was searching for, but the support necessary to advance the learning curve.  The program is a structured currriculum using a building block learning method that leads to trading success.

With the heart of a teacher, Miami Bill and his team at GoFX are eager to help the entry level forex trader understand the GoFX trading system and its tried and true techniques while making you feel welcome in their extended trading family.  After three months with GoFX, I am earning pips far above my expectations."  - Rick Ames


Have to say that GOFX’s strongest attributes are the instruction / support and the social environment in which trading really becomes fun and enjoyable.  Learning a new skill is very hard, but learning with others and from others is the key to the success.  GOFX provides a fun and active learning environment which cant be matched.  I can’t imagine sitting in a banking office or just by myself at the home office trading no matter my level of expertise.  The personnel interactions between the trade room members and the GOFX staff have been instrumental in the success of Amber and myself.  And can be historically funny at times during down periods between the room participants waiting on the market to move.  We leave the trade room up and running all week to hear pivotal trade calls as well as the class’s that Bill provides.

The support from GOFX that continues long after the sale is amazing.  It truly is a “family” of traders.  Keep up the great work.

Michael Cooney
Polaris Defense
Field Marketing and Sales Manager

“Since the changes that took place at GOFX and some changes in the equipment I use to trade with, my learning and success has been awesome.  Last week I had 3 days in a row that I made positive pips above 50 each day.  Prior to these changes, trading was not good and needed a drastic change. I'm finding that using the Octaves, trend lines, marking the ranges and following breakouts of the ranges and trend lines have brought me much success.” - Darren Shephard

"Hi Bill just want to drop you a line here,and to say thanks for all you have done.I can't believe how much I have learned in the last month since I have joined the fxmm family.I think I speak for all of us in the Tokyo session traderoom  we truly appreciate all  that you do for us in the room. see u tonite.   P.S. made 60 pips on gbp/jpy yours truly." - Art Dorto

"Before going to see Bill and taking the "Miami training program" I was in bad shape with trading.  I had gained the ability to chase trades, and could almost perfectly catch the end of a move.  I had absolutely no patience or abilitconstantly y to really read the markets correctly.  I had lost all of my confidence and was almost ready to give up.  What I feared would happen in each trade always did and these habits were going on undetected to me. 

When I started training with Bill on my side he spent a lot of time teaching me how to read the markets using the octaves and one chart.  In a matter of hours I was actually making good trades, I was learning how to re-teach myself how the market flows and my confidence started building.  After a couple days I started to get scared as trading became too easy and I couldn't seem to make a bad trade. 

Bill told me that this is how it is supposed to be and I was floored.   I did a 360 degree turn and it frankly left my head spinning.  I couldn't imagine that a couple days of repeating good behavior and trusting the indicators could make such a drastic change.  The only thing Bill wanted from me was to be successful and find my own groove with the market.  I have only been back home for 2 days now but so far I have only had one negative trade out of 10.  My account is up nearly 7.5% and I have back the two things I had lost over the last year. 

My confidence and trust in my own trading ability." - Ken Andony

I love following your calls in the Asian session.  I consistently make well over 100 pips in your sessions and do it in just 1 to 3 trades.  My results indicate that you have consistently outperformed the other sessions by at least 5 times the number of pips in a fewer number trades.  I thank you for your time and effort teaching us how to trade and helping us make pips.  Thank you Bill, you are a great trader and a great person. 

Patrick Sly
Pat the Pipper

Hey there Miami Bill,

I caught your email address in the announcement tab a number a days back from the Asian session.  I only attended the Asian session a handful of times because I work nights at  my job; however, the when I was able to attend it was certainly worth it!  I tried to no avail to change my work schedule so I could attend daily the Asian session because of the amazing experiences I had while I was there on a few sick days, days off, and Sundays.

I slowly caught on and learned so much in such a short while.  Your calls were spot on.  I'd rush home from work 9:30 pm MST Mon - Thur hoping there'd be something leftover in the chat room from the Asian session.  You left an announcement that a certain target had been broken through and that it was expected to go down much further.  I jumped in the trade in my demo account.  I woke up in the middle of the night and to my glee it had approached your new target.  That was 400 PIPS!  I looked back and it had actually gone down another 200 PIPS and then retraced back to the target.  How cool was that!?!   That was an awesome experience for me, and that was just a demo account.  I've caught 50 PIP trades with you, over 400 PIP trades, and inbetween.  Simply amazing!!!

I hope all is well for you and your family.  You've had a profound impact on us all.  I would just like to add my testimonial for the necessity to be to attend your trainings and trades, to learn the right way, to be risk adverse, to use the trend to your benefit, to be able to get in on things before they happen.  Your eye for events unfolding is amazing and anyone who has a chance to listen to your insights, follow your recommendations, and trade with you is well on their way to financial freedom.

Life is interesting how it unfolds and I would be honored to cross your path again.  Good luck with all things in life and all your endeavors.  If it so be that you are performing trainings and trades live with people or however you so desire. . . .. PLEASE throw me a ropeline!  I would be forever indebted to you.  I'd love to continue learning from you and everything that you have to offer.

Thank you - Cornboy

Hi Bill:

I for one just want to say a hearty thank you for the brief time I had with you each evening during the Asian Session. Have used it now for 2 months on demo and really the only time I've made any appreciable points have been during your helping thoughts on the market during the evening session. If you ever have a teaching class there in Miami put me on the list of attendees. I realize as a new trader it will take some time for me to be profitable on a consistent basis but am determined to make this dream happen.  Thank you Bill for all the notes I have with your thoughts on this market. Wishing it could be more for all of us.   I wish you only the very best for you and your family and your business. Keep me informed of your status and particularly on anything I might be interested in relative to your trading style and the like.

Thanks again,

Dave Kaldahl

Birmingham, AL

As a new Forex trader, with no prior trading experience, the training and guidance I received from Bill Young, and the GoFX team, gave me an understanding of what moves the markets and how to trade them successfully. 

The GoFX trading system provides a structured curriculum including training videos with a wealth of information, and trading software in addition to very accurate indicators. I find the real-time market analysis in the 24-hour trade room especially valuable in accelerating my learning curve.

The GoFX training and support has helped me reach a level where I am now making consistently profitable trades. I now have the knowledge, ability, and confidence to trade the FX market and be successful. Thanks for your help. 

Lystra Berkeley- Caines, Ph.D. Boston, USA

Having invested in several Forex trading courses, I was immediately impressed with Miami Bill’s knowledge, experience, and guidance about successfully trading the Forex market. 

The GoFX trading system not only provides the structured curriculum, and tools and techniques I was searching for, but also the support necessary to achieve success in the Forex market. I especially appreciate the family atmosphere at GoFX and the real-time market analysis in the 24-hour trade room where traders learn from and help each other. 

Thank you Miami Bill for your guidance and support.  I hope you truly understand how much you help people who truly want to learn!

Patrick Caines, Ph.D., MBA Boston, USA

DISCLOSURE OF RISK: The risk of loss in trading Forex can be substantial; therefore only genuine risk funds should be used.  Forex may not be suitable investments for all individuals, and individuals should carefully consider their financial condition in deciding whether to trade. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  The High degree of leverage that is often obtainable in Forex Trading can work against you as well as for you.  The use of leverage can lead to large losses.
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