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DISCLOSURE OF RISK: The risk of loss in trading Forex can be substantial; therefore only genuine risk funds should be used.  Forex may not be suitable investments for all individuals, and individuals should carefully consider their financial condition in deciding whether to trade. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  The High degree of leverage that is often obtainable in Forex Trading can work against you as well as for you.  The use of leverage can lead to large losses.
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To Access the Conference Center, electronically sign the GoFX, Inc Program and Disclosure Agreements Terms and Conditions of access and use of service.

Upon completion, we will be notified.  You must use a valid email address to receive instructions to access the Conference Center.  We use Adobe EchoSign for electronic signature and email confirmation. You will be required to confirm your email address. 

After we are notified of your confirmation, an email will be sent to you with instructions on accessing our Free, Private, FX1DO Forex System Team Slack Room.
Room 1: FREE FX1DO Forex Basics System Team Slack Trade Room Technology

Live Support Room for the GoFOREXPro FX1DO system using Team Slack Technology 
Live Q & A, Live Market Review
Live Remote Charting Projection of FX1 Dashboard & Systems

To access the Free room, electronically sign the GoFX, Inc. Program and Disclosure Agreements Terms and Conditions of access document below.

Learn to Trade as a Professional
Join the Master Trader Team

More Information: Internship Master Series Curriculum
Access / Registration Instructions
1) Registration to the Live, Real Time FX1DO Training Center is here. http://goforexpro.com/registration/

2) Complete the Team Slack Registration, you will receive an email. 
  If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, contact gofxpro@gmail.com for a personal invitation.
     Example of Team Slack Registration Confirmation:  http://screencast.com/t/ZYHtwlwq

3) The email will contain an Invitation link / image to connect directly to the GoFOREXPro.com FX1 Trading Group using Slack.
     Example of Team Slack Email Registration : http://screencast.com/t/FOOpZLWtiI

4) You will be connected to the GoFOREXPro.com Fx1 Trading Group using Slack.  Enter a unique username and password.
     NOTE:  Important instructions regarding usernames.      Example of Group Page: http://screencast.com/t/sJoaAcsqa2F

5) After completing the Username / Password registration, you will be directed to the Slack Tutorial.
     You can go through the tutorial or you can skip the tutorial. 
     Example of Tutorial page: http://screencast.com/t/ePjc8CB5Lx3

6) Once you are past the Tutorial, you are taken to the Main Room.
     Click on the #fx1-education-center in the upper left corner to enter the FX1 Training Room.
     Sample instructions to the FX1 Training Room http://screencast.com/t/LjcbXcFvA

7) You will then be connected automatically to the #fx1-education-center. This is our "Main Room".
     Example of the new FX1 Education Center http://screencast.com/t/WclsMXNU

8) Be sure to enable desktop notifications.
     See example of enable desktop notifications http://screencast.com/t/pe7MLT81n

9) System Broadcast notices, important information:  The #General Channel will be used for important info.
       Image of #General Channel: http://screencast.com/t/N7pB6IXDsUL

Webinar registrations for the New York and London sessions are located in the #general channel.

11) ForexNow Members ONLY:  After you have connected and entered into the FX1 Room, please contact me in private to add you to the ForexNow Private Room. We are in the process of adding a new calendar of events for ForexNow training sessions.

12) Master Series Students ONLY: After you have connected and entered into the FX1 Room, please contact me in private to add you to the Master Series Private Room. If I see that you have entered, I will add you to the room at the first available opportunity. We are in the process of adding a new calendar of events for Master Series training sessions.

13) After you have entered the FX1 Room, download the desktop version and mobile (optional) for your computer.  The link is here:  https://slack.com/apps  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLETE THIS STEP AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED THE FX1 TRAINING ROOM. During Installation, You will be asked for your “Team’s Domain”.  Your Team’s Slack Domain is: goforexpro.slack.com

14) To access the FX1Do Templates files, go
here . The link is to an online DropBox folder where you will find the FX1DO template, files, indicators for MT4, along with pdf's and videos of how to trade the FX1DO system.

Additional rooms and info will be added in the near future.  Stay tuned :)

The use of Skype for the FX1 room was terminated on August 1, 2015.

Thank you

Bill Young
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