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William Young
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Welcome to GoForexPro.com.
My name is William Young. I want to personally thank you for visiting.

Owned by GoFX, Inc. a Professional Forex Firm, Our Primary Mission, "The GoFX One Thing",  is to help Traders &  Investors through the Forex Markets.  Serving traders since 1998, GoForexPro.com has produced more Master Traders than any other firm.

We invite you to explore GoForexPro.com and learn how You may capitalize on proven trading strategies.

I look forward to helping you plan your success and successfully working your plan.

If we can be of service, please contact me.

Best Regards,

William Young
DISCLOSURE OF RISK: The risk of loss in trading Forex can be substantial; therefore only genuine risk funds should be used.  Forex may not be suitable investments for all individuals, and individuals should carefully consider their financial condition in deciding whether to trade. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  The High degree of leverage that is often obtainable in Forex Trading can work against you as well as for you.  The use of leverage can lead to large losses.
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The FX1 system is a variation of a successful Multi-Billion Institutional Fund trading system

Our Trade Practices and what you will learn.
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[5:23:14 AM 5.27.15] J. A.: That's me done for the day. ... Made 2.5% on the account today. All trades except one were winners or breakeven..and the loser was not in accordance with FXDO. .... This is really good trading for an impetuous blunderer like me. And if I can do it, anyone can. Good luck to all..Be patient and stick to the rules!
[6/1/2015 12:19:06 PM] P.L.: I gtg again, thanks for today. Closed my first EU at +60 pips. Took another EU trade now and it has SL set to BE and TP is based on what I´m learning in the master room. Fantastic. These two trades I made today will pay for a really nice dinner with my wife and kids tonight. Take care everybody,  will try to stop by a few times more this week, if the wife allows it, we are on a vacation in Spain!
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T.G.:  [14:18 8/2/15]
Dear Bill, Just to say thanks as I have now turned  $20 micro account into $205.75 using the free system you have generously given. I am heading toward the $500 I need for the Forexnow program and will subscribe as soon as I have the funds. As I said on Steve's forum 'you have changed the way I trade'. Thanks Tony Gill, aka 'woodlands'

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  • What
    The FX1 system is a short term, Intraday or Period, momentum, cycle trading system. While we realize that we buck the industry, we do not use the word 'Trend' as we believe 'trend' is a subjective term created by opinion. We prefer to use the word "Cycle", which is clearly defined through the use of moving averages. Example: If the fast MA is > slow MA, then the Cycle is UP. When the cycle changes, ie: the Fast MA < the slow MA, then the Cycle is DOWN. We exploit and capture short term trading opportunities that are created within an established cycle.


  • Our Trade Practices
    As long as price continues along a "Trade Line" or established cycle, then we seek to capitalize on the subsequent price action.
  • Our Programs
    ForexNow: ForexNow teaches how the institutional levels use the hidden support/resistance levels for targets and successful trading. This information was specifically developed from institutional trade practices. No indicators are used in this program.

    Master Series: Learn to capitalize on proven trading strategies. Interested in a career in Forex? Consider the Master Series.
  • Stop Loss Orders
    For the last 8 years, we have taken a lot of heat by fellow forums and indiscriminate traders for our practice of teaching NOT to use hard stop loss orders in our systems. To this day, this still occurs. We hold steadfast to our practice of NOT placing stop loss orders in the market (in our trading platform). We further believe that for any one to promote to traders the use of a stop loss order is reckless endangerment to the trader and their account.

    We are not alone is our practice and belief. On Nov 16, 2015, it was announced that the NYSE is joining the NASDAQ in eliminating stop orders, specifically stop loss orders. We were finally vindicated in our belief and practice.

    NYSE announcement

    STOP Loss orders hurt traders in multiple ways.

    The non use of a Stop Loss order does not mean that a Risk Limit is not used. We firmly believe in trading your business plan, ie: for each trade, Identify your Entry, TakeProfit Level, Trade Management practice(s) and Risk Limit (% or $$$ amount you are willing to risk on each trade). We believe (as affirmed and in agreement with the NYSE and NASDAQ) that while you are in a position, and sitting in front of your computer, you should be actively managing your position and thus managing your trading plan.

    Furthermore, that if price moves to your Risk Limit level, that you should close your position manually. If you can not watch your position or if you have to leave the computer and can not manage your position, we highly recommend to close out the position.

    Professional Practices: Professionals don't use stop orders."... They have the time to sit around and watch. ... The long term solution is for retail investors not top put in stop orders and to pay more attention to what they have and when they might want to sell what they have (or buy more of what they have."
  • Volatility
    We believe in trading volatility. The primary pairs we trade and teach how to trade are considered the higher volatile pairs. These primary pairs we focus on trading opportunities are: GBPNZD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, EURNZD, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPJPY. This is developed by design. While some forums complain (really) about how we teach to trade the higher volatile pairs such as GBPNZD and others, we, in-fact are able to use several trading techniques which benefit greatly from the increased volatility of the more active pairs.

    For those who learn to trade these pairs, we greatly appreciate these opportunities. If you are not accustomed to trading volatility and do not want to learn to trade with the best, we understand your choosing less volatile pairs. We wish you the best and many PIPS.
  • Trade Management
    We teach several trade management techniques across all levels of our services. This does include the practice of using a Trailing Stop techniques once a position is positive.

    Trailing Stops are used as a trade management technique to protect any gains achieved on the position. We also promote the practice of taking gains at the 20 PIP level.

    We have a saying, "Make Your 20, Bank Your Money". This also includes the practice of closing 1/2 position at the 20 PIP level, then placing a Breakeven (B/E) stop at +3/5 PIPs from entry.
  • Accumulation Technique
    Among the many techniques we teach, one such technique is the process of accumulating a position in preparation for a projected price move. This is a long held and widely practiced technique used by hedge funds, institutions and professional traders. The process utilizes a % of funds for a position. Rather than taking an all-in one transaction approach, the technique divides the total position size into smaller position sizes, committing, over a series of transactions the total amount of the funds for the proposed position. There are different ways to enter the market using different techniques. The Accumulation Technique is one of these such techniques.
  • PIPs Reporting
    We believe in reporting total PIPS. PIP's are the lifeblood of Forex trading. PIPs can be reported based on mini's or standard lot size.

    When most traders find our service, they do so having had a difficult time learning to trade. With this in mind, we choose to develop a business practice of teaching traders how to make PIP's. We do this for a reason. In the beginning of a trader's educational service with GoFOREXPro, we want the trader to focus on making PIP's. Ie: to focus on making successful trades, NOT to focus on the $$$ side. We do not want the trader to focus on confusing risk/ reward formulas or R/R Ratios. We want them to focus specifically on making PIP's.

    +++ PIPs = successful trades. We could easily teach a R:R formula or promote the use of an indicator or script which can give a R/R value/info prior to making a trade, but we choose to focus on the trade itself.

    Example: If the price of GBPNZD is expected to move from 2.1850 to 2.1900, and I am seeking to use 1.00 lot size for the trade, I am not concerned with whether or not this is a 2:1 RR or 1:1 or 10:1. I am only concerned with the probability of price moving from point A to point B and capturing those 50 PIPs. After the trade is closed, THEN, and only IF, I am interested, I will consider analyzing if the trade met certain R/R requirements. It is very easy to ascertain if the equity on account increased a percentage level.

    Now.. I realize this a point of contention and the subject of several nugatory comments throughout the trading world, but the fact is, in the beginning, we promote Positive, Successful trading. The practice of determining the R/R value will vary with each trader due to the broker spreads and commission fees (if any). Two traders can enter the market at exactly the same time with the exact same price and lot size, and yet have different R/R net values. We believe that once the trader learns to make PIP's, trading successfully, THEN the process of determining the R/R values / ratios can take place. The pressure of focusing on the R/R values occurs after the process of learning the trading techniques.

    Thus, if you do not like our business practice of helping traders to focus on making PIP's, then our service is not for you.